I was more than pleased with CB Solar. They are professional and knowledgeable with many years experience. They offer the best quality panels, inverter(s), and mechanics in their systems at a low cost AND they handle everything, including paperwork, and correspondence with your local utilities. The options to pay incrementally at each stage of the process makes it easy on the wallet too!


Cedar Rapids, IA

CB Solar took care of all the permits, inspections and scheduling to get our solar project up and running. They were easy to work with and now we are enjoying seeing our first month’s rewards of the project. We are very satisfied customers and give them a five out of five star rating.

John & Linda

Boone, Iowa

I am extremely pleased with CB Solar and highly recommend them. The installation and quality was great and the turn key service was an aspect that we couldn’t have done without. They were outstanding!


Mason City, IA

CB Solar was very cooperative in all stages of my project. The staff provided me with plenty of information and resources to make decisions, and they were attentive to my questions. They also made my interactions with the utility company and inspectors go very smoothly. My system is operating exactly as we planned. I highly recommend CB Solar for your solar project.


Inwood, Iowa

CB Solar took care of us from start to finish. They started by analyzing our home and electrical usage to determine the array that would be best for us. They dealt with all the paperwork required by our REC who was reluctant to allow our solar array. And the finish – we have had several months when our purchased power was zero! Thank you CB Solar, we are very happy with your work.

Dan & Barb

Panora, IA