Residential Solar

Solar power for homes has never been so affordable. CB Solar can provide electricity for any type of house, greatly reducing or even eliminating your monthly bill.

3.5kW residential solar panel installation in Walford, IA

3.5kW Installation

Walford, Iowa
A 3.5kW array is all this house needed to reduce their bills and go green. This customer requested all-black panels for a sleek look.

10.1kW residential solar panel installation, Milford, IA

10.1kW Installation

Milford, Iowa
This customer also added internet monitoring to their 10.1kW solar system so they have the capability to monitor their production daily, monthly, and yearly.

9kW residential solar panel Installation, Elkador, Iowa

9kW Installation

Elkador, Iowa
This 9kW poly-crystalline array was placed on a customer’s detached workshop. We can make use of most buildings to help lower your utility dependence.

4.2kW residential solar panel installation, Lake Panorama, Iowa

4.2kW Installation

Lake Panorama, Iowa
This 4.2kW system combined with a wood burning stove led to our first net-zero home. The high-tech look of the panels give a sharp contrast to this log home on the Lake Panorama National Golf Course.

12kW Residential Solar Panel Installation located in Lake Panorama, Iowa

12 kW Installation

Washington, Iowa
This larger home made use of a 12kW system to cover their bill. The large mono-crystalline panels let us put up maximum power on the space provided.

30kW residentail solar panel installation, Orleans, IA

30kW Installation

Orleans, Iowa
This larger residential system feeds both a home and a large workshop/living quarters. CB Solar can provide a system to match any amount of usage.

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